How To Make A Latex Mould and Plaster Support Jacket

Glass louvre window sheet
Spray on acrylic sealer
Old paintbrush for latex
Banjo and Milo, the Jack Russell dogs
A camera to take a photo of the bloody hole that the dog dug to demonstrate his mice hunting skills
Gypsum/plaster powder + tool for mixing, bucket, latex glove, smoothing tool
PVA glue, plastilene/plasticene (same thing really)
Silicone pastry brush (doesn't shed hair) & vaseline

I have made a latex mould featuring multiple two dimensional, flat back positive objects. 

First, my positive objects are glued on a sheet of louvre glass window, with glass smooth side up. Leave enough room for a latex 'collar' around each object. 

Then, I backfill any undercuts and gaps underneath the positive object, with plastilene or PVA glue...this is because a silicone filler will bond to the latex and we don't want the mould to be stuck permanently to the glass. With the clown and buddha above - gaps were filled in with PV…

Another chapter ends...Owning A Licensed Post Office

I took over a small rural post office in the town of Blyth SA 5462 in 2014, in an effort to rehabilitate myself and engage in an external work environment again. The post office was closing down and doomed...did that matter? Not really. It was an interesting experience and I learnt a lot about people and myself.

Firstly, it was closing due to failing and nobody wanted to take it over because it wasn't profitable. Secondly, I think I forgot that driving 30 mins each way, whilst not far at all for me now, at that time was hell for my back pain. Thirdly, I must have also forgotten about constantly bending and lifting all day not hurting my back, with my spinal injury. But...I perservered and I met some really kind people.

Unfortunately it was also a period of having to take more pain medication to cope with the daily travel and the constant bending and lifting, which at the time I didn't really care about because I just had to keep working. In the beginning I drove to work, close…

How To Make a Plaster Support Mould For Latex Moulds

Materials required:Gypsum plaster, clean bucket, water, spirit level, Vaseline/petroleum jelly, 12 mm thickness wooden dowel, PVA glue (or similar strong water based craft glue), two slim glass louvre window panes (2 or 4, I used two for this project) or smooth melamine wood cut to size, duct tape/packaging tape and you obviously need a finished latex mould with positive objects still contained inside the mould :) To make my latex mould, I secured my positive objects first on a recycled window louvre, flat side up. Fifteen layers of latex later, the mould is ready for a plaster 'mother' mould or backing mould. Applying fifteen layers of latex means that your latex mould will last longer and your mould will be the strongest it can possibly be. 
Please note that I have left all of my positive objects still enclosed within my finished latex mould, just as they were when I was making the latex mould. Do not remove them, or your plaster mould will not be effective!!! 

1. I app…

Making A Multi Cavity Silicone Soap Mould

Project: Making a multiple cavity (Egyptian) silicone soap mould.


RTV Silicone/catalyst -  or you could use a Latex rubber moulding compound which I do in my next post.

Bathroom heat lamp globe (sold in supermarkets for under $15) which is used to soften modelling compounds and to provide even heating for the silicone mould once it is finished.

Modelling compounds - Plasticene, heated with the heat lamp for a couple of minutes;
Fimo oven bake clay - the Chinese variety, commonly found on Ebay under 'oven bake clay' or 'polymer clay' (The cheaper the better because the cheaper ones are harder and less pliable).

Cheap thin paintbrush, from a child's set or similar.

Cheap pourable craft glue, from discount stores.

Offcut of a tile, glass sheet or perspex, or anything else with a smooth, flat finish.

Egyptian positive object/s, with flat bottoms. You can use anything else you like to make an embed, as long as the underside is flat. Jewellery pendants, charms and butt…

Recovery from spinal injury...whilst running a business

My looong journey of physical recovery has concluded..I think.

Seven long years in the making since my spinal injury occurred in 2009 as a result of a drunken driver with two children in the car, smashing into my car's rear end whilst I was stationary. Chronic fatigue, chronic pain, financial stress, situational depression...I experienced this for a looong time.  Wrong medication, inadequate medication...finally after some years tolerating chronic pain that I assumed the GP prescribed the correct dose of medication for, I discovered different medication and a stronger dose of existing medication was needed. I was a practising Occupational Therapist then in the public service, so I guess I just 'toughed it out' because of my occupation too.
Bottom line: Get another medical opinion and/or a medication review urgently, and don't suffer ongoing, chronic pain unnecessarily.

It's now 2016/17 and I feel almost physically 'normal' now. Almost. I'm not superhum…